FSU Host Student Veteran Film Festival

Florida State University learned that it has been named as one of the top veteran friendly colleges in the country.

FSU Student Veterans Center Director Billy Francis is on a mission. “You’re going to see a family at Florida State that is locking arms, learning more about the issues veterans face,” said Francis.

FSU acknowledges the transition from the battle field to civilian life isn’t an easy adjustment.

As a way to open the dialogue, the university is teaming up with world renowned journalist and filmmaker Sebastian Junger at the annual Student Veteran Film Festival.

“It’s hard to leave the trauma behind, but it’s also hard to return to quote normal society because it seems less interesting back home,” said Junger.

Junger’s film: Which Way is the Front Line From Here?, honors longtime friend and journalist Tim Hetherington who was killed overseas.

“I think a soldier, a veteran can see this film and recognize in this film about a journalist, recognize some of their own issues,” said Junger.

The Student Veteran Film Festival launched in 2011. It was designed to raise awareness for veterans’ issues and support for veteran-related initiatives at the university.

“The whole Florida State Seminole family have reached out and even embraced the veterans in this very diverse culture,” said Francis.

F-S-U has more than 330 student veterans on campus. The university is aggressively working to expand veteran enrollment.

“We get up everyday to help veterans achieve their goals,” said Francis.

This is the first year F-S-U was ranked in Military Times best colleges for vets.

Florida State is joined by the University of South Florida in the top 10 best colleges for vets. USF was ranked 5th in the poll.