FSU Hosts Black History Month Celebration

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PANAMA CITY -- The community continues to come together to celebrate Black History Month. The Florida State University Panama City Campus hosted its second annual African American history program Tuesday night.

Students and community leaders gathered in the campus's Holley Center to watch presentations of song, poetry and dance.
This is not bay high school junior Kyla Andrews' first time participating in a Black History Month celebration.

Bay High School Junior Kyla Andrew said," It gives us a chance to see what we did and makes us proud and not ashamed of what has happened with our race in the past but make us proud of what we have done."

Performers in this year's program say it’s important to embrace Black History not only during the month of February but during the entire year.

Kyla and her classmates have put together a step routine, but their main goal is to influence the community to come together and to honor history.

Bay High Sophomore Sydney Smith said, "We’re all one human race and so just come together be one don't let anything stop you. Don't let boundaries keep you from what you want to do."

Kyla's and her step team make their teacher proud.

Advisor Nancy Williams said, "They did a wonderful job I always tell them get the crowd excited and they did that tonight."

Bay High School's step team will have another black history month presentation this Friday in the school’s library.