FSU Students Hyped for Championship Game

#1 Florida State meets #2 Auburn in the final BCS National Championship game Monday evening in Pasadena, California. Students are predicting a ‘Noles victory.

An FSU victory would bring home a third BCS trophy and big dollars to the university.

The Florida Chamber says the entire state will win no matter what happens on the field.

“In the short term merchandising, but also from a long term perspective it will continue to help Florida to attract the best and brightest in talent,” said Edie Ousley.

It was 14 years ago when FSU brought home the last championship trophy. The trophy brought more student applications and more interest from distinguished faculty.

Florida State is shooting to be among the nation’s top 25 universities. Playing for a National Championship, win or lose, puts the school in the national spotlight.

Fans say they are glad to be a part of this year’s championship game even though they are thousands of miles away from the game.

“It’s very exciting, I can’t wait, just want to get through today, can’t wait to watch the game tonight, cheer on the Noles,” said Sebastain Montoya.

Monday is the first day of classes for students this semester.

FSU’s policy is for students to attend the first day or they’ll be dropped from class but, this semester students are getting a pass if they email their professor in advance.

Those unable to travel to watch game in person will be able to watch the game on campus.

“I plan on going to the Tucker Center or just staying home with my friends,” said Alex Torres.

If FSU wins, they are expected to rake in millions for the Atlantic Coast Conference.

In last years championship game, Alabama brought in more than 23 million to the Southeastern Conference.

FSU is tied with Oklahoma for having the most BCS National Championship appearances.