Fairly Rare Tegu Lizards Rounded Up in Bay County

Officers have captured 33-of these lizards in an area off East Avenue north of 15th street in the past week. Most were in the fenced back yard of one home. A few were within a block of the house.

The Tegu can grow up to 5-feet long and can live about 15-to-20 years. Most were about 3-to-4 feet long and weighed about 30-pounds.

The lizards are native to South America, but can easily adapt to our climate. If they establish a foothold, they could pose a threat to local species of animal and plant life, including farm crops.

They can also spread bacterial contamination.

Stan Kirkland of the FWC says he believe the same person owned all these lizards.

They had a license to sell them, but left town and abandoned the reptiles.

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