Fake Gun, Real Charges

A 12-year-old boy faces felony charges after bringing an airsoft gun onto the Parker Elementary campus.

According to the affidavit, William Hassan, the brother of a parker Elementary student, came to the school around Thursday morning with an airsoft gun. The gun was spotted by several students and staff members.

At least one witness told police they say Hassan repeatedly pull the trigger. They thought it was a real gun that kept misfiring.

Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets, but they look like the real thing.

“It looked just like a real gun, until I saw the barrel,” said Mike Jones, the head of security for Bay County Schools. “On the end of the barrel it was orange and I immediately knew that it was an airsoft gun.”

Hassan was arrested and charged with trespass on school property with a weapon.

Parker Police Chief Charles Sweat says Hassan is lucky he did not get shot.

“If an officer would have seen him drawing it from his waistband, not being able to see a frontal view, it could have been a very tragic situation.”