False Call to Child Abuse Hotline Results in Caller's Arrest

Lynn Haven police arrested Darla Culver after she called the Child Abuse Hotline and claimed a Lynn Haven couple was openly using cocaine and marijuana in front of their three children.

She also claimed domestic violence by the wife had been occurring while the children were present.

Department of Children and Families investigators immediately investigated the August 24th call, and found the claims were unfounded. What they ultimately learned was that the abuse hotline call came three hours after Culver, her son, and the sons girlfriend had gotten into an altercation with the couple at the couples home.

Culver's son was a disgruntled former employee of the couple and their business.

Caller id revealed the call came from Culvers work phone at Big Bend Community Based Care. Culver was picked up on the felony charge by Lynn Haven Police Saturday.

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