Fountain Man Jailed for False Report of Child Abuse

A local school principal triggered an investigation at the Bay County Sheriff's Office which has led the the arrest of a local man who was making phone calls claiming to have abused his 3 year old daughter.

The Sheriff’s Office was contacted last week by school principal after she received a phone call from a man who claimed to be sexually abusing his three year old daughter.

Apparently, similar calls were also made to other schools and businesses in Bay County.

Working with the Lynn Haven Police Department, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division was able to develop Stephen Michael Groo as a suspect.

Groo was interviewed by investigators and said during an interview that he placed hundreds of phone calls, but hung up unless his call was answered by a woman. He stated that he spoke to about twenty women.

27 year old Stephen Michael Groo of Fountain was arrested and charged with false report of child abuse and two counts of obscene telephone calls.

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