Families Speak Out About Edward Daniels' Sentence

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PANAMA CITY - The owner of two dogs that killed a young boy in Callaway will not be getting a new trial.

Instead Circuit Judge James Fensom sentenced Edward Daniels junior to a decade in prison.

Along with 10 years in prison, Daniels was also given five years of probation.

the sentencing was an emotional day for both families sitting in the court room.

As Edward Daniels Jr. walked into the courtroom, he was hoping to get a new trial.

However, Circuit Judge James Fensom immediately denied the motion by Daniels' attorney.

In august Daniels was convicted of manslaughter because his two dogs attacked and killed 7-year old Tyler Jett.

Assistant State Attorney Larry Basford and Assistant Public Defender Doug White both brought up witnesses to give brief statements on Daniels sentencing.

Daniels then gave an apology to the Jett family.

He said in court, "I never wanted any of this to happen."

Judge Fensom then ruled that Daniels would serve 10 years in prison with five years of probation.

The condition of his probation says that he can't own or live in a household where there are dogs.

Edward Daniels' Grandmother, Linda Edwards said, "It's sad that a little boy like Tyler had to suffer the consequences and it's also sad that my grandson will never have a chance to be a young man."

The family of Tyler Jett says that this sentencing has put them at ease.

Brandy Wilhite, Tyler Jett's Mother, said, "Tyler can rest. We can all try to rest and move forward and have somewhat of a normal life."

However, Daniels' family says he shouldn't have been sentenced at all.

His family said, "They needed the 'fall guy' for the death of a child and the dogs weren't enough."

While the Jett family says they're pleased with the sentencing, they say it's not necessarily enough.

Tyler Jett's Step Mother, Kathryn Phillips said, "Our justice would be to have Tyler. I would take Tyler over anything in the world."

Daniels will have 30 days to appeal the sentencing.

He will also have to pay more than a $1,000 in court fines and about $5,000 dollars for the funeral costs of Tyler Jett.