Family Celebrates 148th Reunion

For 148 years one family, with deep roots near Econfina Creek, have celebrated their family heritage.
"It's something that we take great pride in,” said Jack Mashburn. “It's written up in the library of congress as the oldest, continuous reunion in the nation."
The Mashburn's have been on the same land for more than 100 years.
"And we always gather here on the 4th Sunday in May,” said Jim Mashburn, the president of the Mashburn Family Reunion.
The Mashburn family legacy and family reunion are very important to the family and they have a pretty unique way to make sure the younger generations appreciate their family history.
"We always have some type of entertainment,” Mashburn said. “We've got a bouncy house this time, and in the past we've had a greasy poll climbing contest."
The poll climbing contest seems to have been a hit, and many of the kids said that is one of their favorite memories.
"You've got to climb it and you get a ribbon and maybe 5 dollars,” said Corey Mashburn. “It's fun."
Corey is one of the youngest Mashburn boys, and it will one day be his job to carry on the family legacy.
"Oh yes, when I'm older I'll help out as much as I can."