Family Honors Coach Post at Funeral

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PANAMA CITY - Hundreds in the Bay County community are saying goodbye to a coach, mentor, and father. On Christmas, 90 year old John Richard Post Sr. passed away.

"Such a special thing that the lord would say 'you can celebrate Christmas this year in heaven. You'll be with me," said Mary Jane Sinclair, daughter of Coach Post.

Most remember him as Coach Post at Jinks Middle School. He was a P.E. teacher there for almost 40 years and left such an impact, they named the gymnasium after him.

After retiring in 1988, he taught at Covenant Christian School for four years.

"I actually had my first asthma attack and he came running over, grabbed me by my arms and held me in the air until i caught my breath and he said 'I'm opening up your lungs, just breathe,'" said Crystal Stewart, a former Covenant Christian School student.

Friends and family say he was a devout Christian and would hand out pocket sized Bibles to anyone he met. Some would even receive birthday cards with Bible verses in them.

"You just didn't get a card, but you got scripture wrote all over that card and that meant a lot to me that he just remembered me," said Donnie Owens, a former student at Jinks Middle School.

The dozens of family members in attendance at Coach Post's funeral say they'll miss the man who changed their lives.

"He took me across the bay one day. We spent the whole day and I'll never forget it and came back. It was dark, but we made it across and back. It was like a real adventure, but the important thing was he was a role model," said William Yancey, a family member.

In April, a 5k and 10k race at Saint Andrews State Park will be held in Coach Post's honor.