Family Left Homeless After Fire Needs Help

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PANAMA CITY - A local family left homeless after a grease fire is asking for the communities help.

Regina Whitsett and her six other family members woke up early Friday morning to smoke coming from the kitchen.

Officials say a pan of grease left on the stove sparked the late-night blaze.

Whitsett and her four grandchildren all made it out of the home safely.

Her roommate was hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

The landlord says they can't live in the home because of the damage and without renters insurance the family is left homeless.

The Red Cross put the family up in a nearby hotel for a few days, but come Monday night they'll have no where to sleep.

"It's a blessing to have Red Cross put us up so quickly. Tomorrow we have to check out and I don't know where we going. I'm responsible for them and they have never been without a place to say nor have I," Whitsett said.

Whitsett says she thankful no one was seriously hurt.

The grandmother of four is hoping someone will hear her story and help.

You can contact Whitsett at (850) 896-0341.