Family Loses Home in Lightning Fire

Tourist Development Council Director Pam Fuqua and her attorney-husband Matt Fuqua lost their home on Magnolia Blossom Lane. Witnesses believe thunderstorms played a role in the tragedy.

Pam Fuqua says she turned the corner and all she could see was flames shooting out of her daughter Emily's room. Emily was at home, alone, when the fire started.

"She called her dad when she heard the lightning hit and smelled smoke and he told her to get out. And she was frightened of bad weather already and was really frightened and got the dog and was afraid to get out in the garage and get her car so she ran across the street to the neighbor’s house."

35 fire fighters from nine area stations showed-up. And Scott Birge, Marianna’s Assistant Fire Chief says they needed every one of them. "Water was a key issues- getting initial water supply on the scene. So we requested the water tenders from around the county to come in and we were able to get our dump tanks set up and do our water shuffle opperation. By the time those operations were in place the home was a total loss because the entire roof area was burning."

"They don't have anything but what they had on today at work and family pictures that were luckily in their office."

Despite the loses, Julie Fuqua says the family is thankful for their lives and their health, and the support of a loving community. "We have family here, they have a place to go and a lot of neighbors and people in the community have been very generous. Our cell phones are ringing people are bringing their food, shoes and clothes and things to help them out right away."

The house is estimated to be worth about 250-thousand dollars. Fortunately the Fuqua's have insurance.

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