Callaway Family Receives Fowl Permit

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CALLAWAY For years the Adams family has been growing crops and raising animals in the backyard of their Callaway home. Over time the neighborhood has grown-up around them and now some of the neighbors aren't pleased. The Adams' says this is their way of life.

The Adams family has raised its share of livestock here on Comet Avenue.

"Those animals have been on this property for 60 years, from day one there has been animals on this property," said William Adam.

But these days there aren't as many animals. Adams says he got rid of a lot of them, after a neighbor complained about the noise.

"He’s really never backed off, even when we got rid of all the goats, hogs, and the horses. He never backed off."

The Adams are now in compliance with a Callaway ordinances. They have a fowl permits to raise chickens, ducks, and a turkey. Other neighbors are fond of the miniature farm.

"They came and bought us some eggs from their chickens, and they were actually good, they were quite good," said Victoria Bohn.

There’s also a garden, which the Adams grandchildren help tend.

"Most kids are in there doing video games and stuff like that. We have our kids out here helping in the garden, helping with the chicken to show them how to survive if need be."

In Adams mind, this farm is helping the family survive.

"We got eggs to eat, and if we need meat, we got meat here. We can eat the chicken, we don't usually but we can if we need to. That's what we're trying to do. We're trying to feed our family and the way the economy is now it takes everything you can do."

The complaining neighbor declined our request for an interview, but says he hasn't decided if he'll challenge the Adams’ fowl permit.