Family Regroups After House Fire

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JACKSON COUNTY-- A Jackson County family is trying to regroup after losing everything. Fire destroyed their home earlier this week. Now their community is pitching in to help out.

Florence Jones says she'll never forget Tuesday, May 6th.
That’s the day she lost her home, a home she's lived in since 1972.

"I thought my grandson was teasing and I looked at him and I said 'oh god, he's serious,’ And I looked over at another part of the house and I saw the smoke," Jones explained.

Seven people, including two of Jones great grandchildren, were living in the house when a fire broke out in the kitchen. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

"I’m glad that everybody got out okay,” said Jones. “Nobody was injured except my daughter there, she ended up with a few injures. Burns."

Jones' daughter Cherolyn Pittman suffered first and second degree burns, trying to connect a water hose to the kitchen faucet.

"As I was plugging it in to get it turned on the window exploded and I was right under it," Pittman explains.

The fire destroyed everything. The Red Cross set the family up at the Marianna Inn and Suites. But, their time at the hotel is almost up.

"I don't what's gonna happen, but I know whatever happens, we will be alright."

And they've been bolstered by the community response.

"The neighborhood, the community, just people everywhere,” said Jones. “I just didn't know it was that many people out there that could reach out to people in a situation like this."

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire.