Farmer's Market Opens On Panama City Beach

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The Waterfront Farmer's Market now has a new home.

For years, the market was held in St. Andrews but Saturday morning it opened it's door for the first time in Panama City Beach, located on both sides of the Grand Lagoon Bridge.

"We are so excited and all of our vendors are excited to be here," said market organizer Ronnie Barnes.

The market brought everything from sculptures, jewelry and pastries to the more traditional fruits and vegetables.

While the day started off relatively dreary, things picked up quickly as the day progressed. "

When the sun came out, the people came out," said Diane Kolopanas, owner of Yia Yia's Greek Pastries. "We are selling out of everything that we have."

"It's been an excellent show," said Jim Redmond, an artist who designs windchimes. "It's been an extremely large amount of people coming through and all friendly and just having a great day."

The move was partially prompted by a disagreement between the organizers of the original farmer's market in St. Andrews and the city, but so far the response to the move has been positive.

"This is great, we needed to expand," Barnes said. "We couldn't all fit in one space anymore, so this is great."

The market reopens on Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm.

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