Farmer's Market Slim Due To Rains

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CHIPLEY-- Once again, area farmers are contending with the results of some wet weather. They said last month's heavy rains have hurt crops.

They also said getting back on track will take some time.

Things were a bit slow Tuesday at the Chipley Farmers Market.

"It's just rough. It's sanded everything we've got. Everything we've planted. I've been planting since February 9th," Wade Jackson, manager of the Chipley Farmers Market, said.

Most parts of the Panhandle received at least 10 inches of rain in late April and early May. Many had more than that.

Market manager Wade Jackson said it's been hard on his produce.

"I grow new potatoes, squash, cucumbers, green beans. But we just ain't gonna make none this year."

Vendors say the lack of produce hurts the market.

"There are normally around 5 or 6 vendors here with fresh fruit and vegetables, but due to the heavy rain they had nothing to sell.

"They just had to replant and replant, and then they finally got something growing. So people are real late with their gardens. And we have a lot of people that depend on it," vendor Ruby Wilkinson.

"They in the same shape as I am. They are just flooded out."

The lack of crops are causing a financial strain, repairing the damages and producing a crop.

"It's taken all of your minor elements out of the ground. You got to put them back. Well that's double your money. You've got to reline. You've got to do everything."

Barring another weather episode, Jackson believes the market should be back on track in a few weeks.

The farmers market is opened Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m until 4 p.m., and Saturdays until Noon.