Festivus Pole

Standing nearly 6 feet tall beer cans are on display at the Florida Capitol mocking a Christmas nativity scene put on display last week.

Chaz Stevens was granted a permit for the Festivus display.

“All this shouldn’t be here; the government shouldn’t be in this business of allowing the mixture of church and state,” said Stevens

The idea of the “Festivus” was created by a fiction writer and popularized by the TV sitcom, Seinfeld.

The “Festivus” pole was put up feet away from the Christmas Nativity; just on the other side of the state seal in the capitol rotunda.

The beer cans a sparked a heated discussion between Stevens and the woman behind the nativity scene.

The display’s causing mixed reactions from Capitol visitors.

“I think it’s entirely out of place, it shouldn’t be here. This doesn’t show any respect for the capitol,” said Maynard Hellbusch.

“I think it’s great. Think an example of American freedom and I think we should have the airing of grievance in honor of Festivus,” said Dave Spore.

Pam Olsen says she welcomes other displays this holiday season but has this message for them.

“I told the guy that I’m praying for you because he has a right to put it up there, but I think its mocking Christianity,” said Olsen.

The “Festivus” pole will be on display through January 3rd.