Filthy, Feces Covered Home Lands Two Marianna Women in Jail

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Marianna- Patrol Supervisor, Sargent Mike Mears described the scene he and other officers responded to on Thursday at 4092 Edgewood Drive in Marianna.

"In my 23 years in law enforcement, that is the absolute worst house I have ever been in."

40 year old Karla Stone and her 60 year old mother, Virginia lived in the home that investigators said was beyond filthy. Animal feces covered every surface of the home, and that was only the beginning.

"The urine smell was so strong, the ammonia from it, it was actually burning my eyes and throat. I couldn't breathe. I had to step out several times to get fresh air" Mears told us.

The conditions were unsuitable for anyone he said, but particularly Karla's 13 year old son and an infant the Stones were babysitting.

"It was just in such disarray" Mears said. "And, to put it lightly- just so dirty, that I immediately started my own investigation- as far as child abuse."

Child and Family Services took the teenage son and have also been investigating the mother of the infant who allowed a baby to be cared for in the home. But, children weren't the only victims of neglect.

"They had a dog that was tied up in the front yard that appeared to be emaciated" Mears told us. "The animal's ribs were showing. It appeared that the animal hadn't been fed for several days and there was no water available for the animal."

Jackson County Animal Control took the dog to a shelter in Chipley.
Mears told us what was almost as shocking as the home, was the reaction by both women when they were arrested on child neglect and animal cruelty charges.

"I would say, maybe not a nonchalant attitude about it, but they were upset that we were basically enforcing an animal law. And not only that, I don't know if they couldn't understand or didn't want to under stand why they were being placed under arrested for child abuse because of the condition of the home" Mears told us.

As of Monday, the case was still under investigation by the Marianna Police Department and Child and Family Services.

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