Jeffries Gets Death Penalty in Elderly Man's Murder Case

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PANAMA CITY-- Life in prison or the death penalty, that was the question as convicted murderer 29 year old Kevin Jeffries learned his sentence in a Bay County courtroom Friday morning.

Jeffries was found guilty in the murder of 90 year old Wallace Scott.
Circuit Judge Brantley Clark sentenced Kevin Jeffries to death for the murder of Wallace Scott, plus two consecutive life sentences for armed burglary and armed robbery.

Jeffries along with his cousin 29 year old David Ian Challender broke into Scott's house planning to rob him back in April 2013.

The two tortured and beat Scott trying to get the pin number from his ATM card, eventually strangling him to death.

When Jeffries took the stand in August he blamed Challender for coming up with the idea of robbing Scott.

Jeffries testified in August that he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the murder.

Challender was charged with life in prison earlier this month for his role in the crimes.

Of all three suspects in the murder case, Jeffries received the toughest sentencing, the death penalty followed by two consecutive life sentences.

With the death penalty it's an automatic appeal to the state Supreme Court. The average stay on death row is around 20 years.
Ashley Griffin, the third suspect in the crime, was sentenced following Jeffries this morning.

She received 20 years concurrent for all three charges. This means she will serve no more than 20 years in prison.