Fire Destroys Callaway Home

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CALLAWAY - Richard Chaillou received some potentially disturbing news Friday morning.

"And we got this message saying get home now and all i heard on the message was something was on fire," said Chaillou.

That something turned out to be a home on Fox Lake Drive, next door to Chaillou's.

The flames were burning, the smoke billowing, and firetrucks were everywhere.

Firefighters from Panama City, Springfield, Parker, and Callaway were all on scene.

"A traditional one story single story home, you know, you can almost, it's almost a textbook, but of something of this large scale, it definitely takes different tactics that come into play," said Callaway Fire Chief, David Joyner.

Nobody was inside the home when it caught on fire, but firefighters believe someone left something cooking on the stove and it only got worse from there.

"With the heat of the day and also the large structure, we're definitely using the man power on fires like this," said Fire Chief Joyner.

Chaillou did not escape entirely. The flames jumped to his home. Firefighters had to break a glass door down to save his dog.

"That was shocking. There had to have been a lot of heat coming off of his house in order for our house, you know, the whole side of it to catch, you know, burn down," said Chaillou.

The fire on the outside of the home was so large Panama City firefighters had to use their hose and ladder truck to extinguish it.

"I feel very fortunate that it wasn't our home and nobody was hurt. On the same token, I am very sad that it happened to such nice people."

The home is a total loss. One firefighter was treated at a local hospital for heat illness.