Fire Displaces Cedar Grove Family

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A Panama City home on East Avenue went up in flames around lunch time on Saturday.

Fire rescue crews respondede to the house as the blaze began shooting through the roff and the front windows.

"First arriving units on scene encountered heavy smoke conditions, thick black smoke was emitting from the home.At that time we did have fire coming through the windows" Said Bay County Fire Captain Billy Writch.

Jerry Pipkins, who was on his way to work, noticed the smoke and pulled over to see if anyone was hurt.

"I saw smoke everywhere and people in the front yard and I'm thinking to myself is this a fire? So as I was driving by I didn't see no fire department, no police so I spun around and just tried to help and immediately asked if there was anyone inside" said Jerry Pipkins.

The residents of the home were very emotional watching the damage unfold but the were also counting their blessings as everyone was able to evacute the structure safely.

"No one was inside of the home. No one was injured. We haven't been in contact with the home owners and at this time at least half the home has significant fire damage and the other half has smoke damage" said Billy Writch.

Captain Writch says his main concern was preventing the fire from spreading to the attuc of the home. However they were unable to safe everything including just bought Christmas presents. The Bay County Fire Marshall is investigating.

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