Firefighter Foods: "The Drive-Thru that Drives to You"

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Marianna- For 20 years, George Gay has been fighting fires. But, that's far from all he's done.

"Like all fire fighters, you keep little side businesses along they way." Gay has gone from odd jobs, to being the elected Mayor of Alford. "Through the years I've piled lots of other things on my plate," he said with a smile.

But the desire to pile food on the plates of others has been one fire he could never extinguish.

"I kept wanting to open a restaurant," Gay explained. "Well, it kept getting put back on the back burner." But not anymore. That dream, and homemade Bar-B-Q sandwiches were both hot on the front-burner.

Gay opened a food truck called Firefighter Foods. "We operate it on the days I'm not at the fire station," he told us.

Gay Facebooks or Instagrams his location, then waits for the hungry masses to arrive. Tuesday, he served 42 satisfied customers.

"Bar-B-Q is a really good seller, but, people like a good hot dog," he said. "So as a novelty we've started doing hot dogs."

"It's good" one customer said between bites. "Real good!"

Gay said he was planning to expand the menu, but not too much.

"For it to really work you need lots of food trucks. If we could have several food trucks in the area with different menus it gives people different choices.

So far, Gay was the only truck in town. He said until others arrived, find Firefighter Foods and ,"eat like a hero! We're the drive thru that drives to you!"

You can follow Firefighter Foods on Facebook and Instagram or call, (850) 573- 0188.

*All combos include chips and a drink

Captain- Jumbo BBQ Sandwich $7.25
Rookie- Regular BBQ Sandwich $6.50
Probie- Chili dog $5
Firefighter- 2 Chili dogs $6.50
Engineer- Slaw dog $5
John's Scramble Dog- 2 open buns, 2 chopped beef franks, mayo, mustard, ketchup, sweet relish, covered with chili and topped with onions. (Chips sold separately) $7.50

Accepts debit and credit cards

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