Fireworks Are Illegal In Florida, But There Are Plenty Here

Most fireworks are illegal in Florida. But you'll probably notice that law won't stop many from ringing in 2013 with a bang. Most Florda residents cross the state line into Alabama and get all the explosives they want.

Luke, Devin and Drew are looking for the best bang for their buck.
"40 bucks, 16 shots..."
"it may be a pretty good deal"
"Huge crackles"
"HUGE crackles"

The boys have been saving their allowance to spend on fireworks.
Their parents drove them just over the Florida Alabama line to JR's.
But they aren't the only ones making the trip.

JR Poppell is the Fireworks Stand owner. "We've got one in the parking lot now from New York. But I'm sure he didn't come down here just to buy fireworks from New York. But he stops on the way. (laughs) He may not have, but since most fireworks are illegal in Florida, many others do.

"Most of my business comes from Tallahassee and Panama City". Jr says most of his out of state customers don't worry about the possibility of getting in trouble. "Most of them got land down there they get their whole neighborhood together and they shoot them as a group and don't really have that many problems".

Few problems for celebrators, likely because enforcing the law is a tough problem for police. "What are going to strip search everybody who goes down to Florida? I don't think so."

So his only advice? "Be safe with them, pay attention. Don't get too much spirits in you and have a good time with the fireworks.

Jr expects business to be steady right up to midnight when he closes.

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