Firing Range coming to NWFSC Fort Walton Beach Campus

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The Economic Development Council, Northwest Florida State College and the Dalpar Corporation are teaming together to build this facility.

As of now, there is currently a firing range on the Niceville campus, but the new range will not just be for student use.

Ty Handy, President of Northwest Florida State College says this new facility will not only help with training, but also be a great economic asset to the community.

"As a college we don't have a lot of opportunities to engage in what I would call a public private partnership,” said Handy. “We are working closely with an institution that meets a community need and a college need. And in this day and age, the states revenue, the states revenue is not high enough to build new buildings like this."

The next step is to design the facility.

Developers hope to have the project completed in a year.