First Day of School for Jackson County Students

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SNEADS-- Jackson County starts a new school year Monday.

However, students at one school won't be eating lunch in their cafeteria for a while. Sneads High School students said no lunch room made for a very interesting first day.

The bell for first period rang out at exactly 7:50 Monday morning for the start of the 2014-2015 school year in Jackson County .

"I'm looking most forward to sports,” said sophomore Jacre Irving. “I play football, basketball, track. We're gonna have a good team throughout the year and I'm ready to get into it."

"I think everybody's just a little bit excited because it's so much new stuff going on,” said senior Dakota Baggett. “We got a new Spanish teacher, a new lunch room."

The school needed a new lunch room because the old one was in desperate need of repairs, including removing asbestos, but construction won't be complete until possibly November. For the time being, lunch will be prepared at the elementary school and brought here to the schools old gym.

"It's definitely different, a little bit crowed,” said senior Harley Hosey. "It takes a lot of time,” said sophomore Austin Dudley. “They had to call all the teachers to excuse some students because they were still eating."

Even though the students said eating in the old gymnasium is different, they also said it's worth the wait for the convenience of the new cafeteria. "I just know how cramp last year’s lunch was and how old it was really, and so I'm really looking forward to how nice they really made it."

The remodeled cafeteria will have an additional 870 square feet, 76 seats and an outdoor eating area. "We got a lot going on”, said Jackson County Superintendent Steve Benton. “We are working hard to meet all the state mandates, but also we're working hard to make the educational system here in Jackson County more beneficial for our children."

The cost of the remodeled cafeteria is around $800,000.