First Grade Teacher at Callaway Elementary Wins Golden Apple

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Panama City - This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches first grade at Callaway Elementary School. Jennifer Warren is in her third year of teaching. This young instructor says she was inspired to pursue the career after a dedicated teacher impacted her life early on. Now she hopes to do the same.

Keeping busy first graders captivated is no easy task, but Jennifer Warren embraces the challenge. "Ms. Warren is a very special teacher, she is extremely dedicated to the children. She works extremely hard every day to make sure her students get all the best training they could possibly get under her tutelage," said Principal Tim Keiffer.

Helping her students become robust readers is something she is passionate about, and it's working. "I look forward to reading," said first grader Noah Jeffrey. "Reading is a huge focus in first grade and it really builds their foundation for the rest of their elementary school life," said Ms. Warren. "You can just see her enthusiasm throughout the day, students really enjoy being in her room," said Mr. Keiffer. "I like coming to school because it's fun," said first grader Rachel Truix. "She is nice to us," said Andrew Sullivan. We asked what keeps her motivated each and every day, "Having those relationships with those kids, even if you just touch one heart and make an impact on their lives," said Ms. Warren.

Congratulations to Jennifer Warren, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher. "It's a rewarding job already and when you get recognized by the community that is even better."