First Grade Teacher from Oakland Terrace Wins Golden Apple

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PANAMA CITY- This week's Golden Apple award winner teaches first grade at Oakland Terrace Elementary in Panama City. Pam Quimuyog was nominated by a parent who writes: "Mrs. Quimuyog goes above and beyond for her students! She is so encouraging and makes learning fun! She is very, very hands on and is 100% dedicated to making every single one of her students successful!"

This is Mrs. Quimuyog's 23rd year of teaching, but her first at Oakland Terrace. "I love these children," said Mrs. Quimuyog. "I love the opportunity that they present to me. It's a challenge, but it's a challenge that I think we can see great success with and see great things happen."

She is excited to help the school rise above it's failing grade. "These children want to be successful. If I can help equip these children to be good citizens, I've done my job," said Mrs. Quimuyog. Colleagues say her expertise in reading and writing are a perfect fit for the needs at Oakland Terrace. "She goes the extra mile to make sure her students are successful, especially making sure they know how to read," said Mr. Lendy Willis, the principal at Oakland Terrace.

On this day the students are brainstorming for their own ABC books. "One of our big challenges at Oakland Terrace is our students typically underperform in the area of writing. My job as a first grade teacher is to teach them how to write," said Mrs. Quimuyog.

Just 9 weeks into the school year, Mrs. Quimuyog says her students are already surpassing her expectations. "To see these kids who didn't believe they could do something, look at me and go "Mrs. Quimuyog I can do it!" Because we worked hard and we were successful. It feels good to contribute to that."

"I like her, she is my favorite teacher in the world," said Austin Davis. "I like learning," said J'Zhana Pickett. "She is very kind to us and she teaches us good," said Aaron Latorre, whose mom nominated Mrs. Quimuyog. "Mrs. Quimuyog is probably the most special teacher I've ever worked with. I've worked with a lot of good folks but certainly none better than Pam," said Principal Willis.

"I want to be able to say I am someone who contributed to the success of the school and ultimately the success of this community and these children," said Mrs. Quimuyog. Congratulations to Mrs. Quimuyog, this week's Golden Apple award winning teacher.