Five Florida Universities Make Best Value List

A meeting of the minds, after winning over lawmakers, UF and FSU were just a signature away from being able to raise tuition above the yearly 15% cap.

“If I’m losing faculty it’s harder for our students to have classes and it slows down their ability to finish. That’s a waste of state dollars and that’s a waste of student dollars,” said FSU President Eric Barron.

They tried to convince Governor Rick Scott to sign the bill, but in the end Scott stuck to his guns.

“You want to make sure that families in the state can afford a great education,” said Governor Rick Scott.

Scott crushed the schools hopes with a veto in April. Then in June, for the first time in nearly four years, tuition increases statewide stayed below the 15% max.

The Governor’s tough stance on tuition may now be paying off, at least in one ranking. A year end review of the best value universities in the nation ranked five Florida universities in the top 100.

Kiplinger, a DC based financial forecaster, ranked schools based on graduation rates, academic support, access to financial aid and tuition.

UF Ranked highest in Florida at number three, New College made the top 10 at number 7 and FSU is the 26th best value school in the country. UCF and UNF also made the list.

“We will not be seeking a tuition increase this year.”

More Florida schools could make the list next year. Florida’s public universities have vowed no tuition increases in 2013, as long as state lawmakers fund their budgets.

Absent from the list were FAMU, FAU, FGCU, FIU, USF and UWF.

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