Five Men Charged in Drug Bust

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JACKSON COUNTY-- Five Jackson County men are sitting behind bars Monday afternoon. The men were allegedly running an indoor marijuana growing operation.

Friday morning the Jackson Drug Task Force, along with area police, executed search warrants on six houses along Bromas Lane in Cottondale.

After searching the homes, police say they walked away with about $100,000 worth of marijuana. Officers found over 200 marijuana plants, as well 35 pre-packed bags of the drug.

Charges for the men range from possession of marijuana to possession of drug paraphernalia.

Most of the drugs were sold outside of the county.

"A very small percentage of that marijuana, we believe, was being sold here locally, but a majority of the marijuana was being sold outside the confines of Jackson County," said Jackson County Drug Task Force Captain, Joey Rabon.

The investigation is ongoing. We will keep you updated as this case develops.