One Man's Trash, Another Man's Treasure

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Chipley- Shades, blades and decorative turkey's. There was something for everyone Friday, scattered across 270 miles of Highway 90.

The only question was, how far would people flea?

"Within the Chipley- Bonifay area" Teresa Lassitter and her grandson, Charles Gonzalez answered. It was a small territory, but the two were still having an eventful day.

"I found a remote control car," Charles said with a smile. They wanted for $6 but [Lassitter] wouldn't get it!"

Lassitter laughed and told us she was holding out for a better deal. But, as veteran vendor, Jan Mason explained, that may not have been her best strategy.

"We we're so successful on our last two yard sales, we sold out on Friday" Mason said.

Across the street, Church of God of Prophecy, was selling Boston Butts for a church fundraiser. One would have thought the thrifting traffic would have driven up sales, but Pastor Bryant Dupree said it was just the opposite.

"We've had some stop and they ask if we're having a yard sale. We say, 'no,' and they say, 'OK bye'. They don't linger!"

Dupree's camp was having a case of Friday the 13th- something Mason hoped wouldn't spread across the highway. We asked her what she would do with her stuff at the end of the day-
"I don't know," Mason said. "We didn't have to do [anything] last year year or the year before! We just had one little box we had to put in the car and then pack up the tents!"

The event lasts all weekend- rain or shine.Though shoppers will likely find a bit of everything, some items should likely be passed up. It's not recommended to buy car seats, cribs or bicycle helmets at flea markets or garage sales.

Helmets are only made to survive only one crash. At a yard sales, there's no telling what a helmet has been through. Safety standards are ever changing with car seats and cribs, which is why those items should often be passed on as well.

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