Flea Across Florida Boosts Local Economies

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Chipley- If one man's trash is another man's treasure, then there will be 273 miles of either along Highway 90 over the weekend.

Communities all along the stretch of road between Pensacola and Live Oak participated in what's billed as the state's longest yard sale. News Channel 7 spoke with shoppers and vendors on Friday. It appeared everyone's luck along the was had been different.

Audrey Payne traveled from Chipley to Pensacola and found just one thing. "We found lunch. That was about it" Payne laughed.

Others were a bit more fortunate with their findings. "So far we just found a couple of figurines and that's all. We just got started" said shopper, Jerry Chestnut.

And though the distance may be great, the rules of the road seemed to stay the same- haggle the price.

"Always offer lower" Payne advised as the best way to get a deal.
Chestnut added, "I try not to ever buy anything at the list price. I try to haggle them down a bit, but that's just the fun part of it."

But vendor Wayne Palmer told us, he could be a tough businessman at times. "If they want to haggle I can haggle" Palmer said. "Sometimes people will ask me to take less. Sometimes I can and some times I can't."

But shoppers told us the event was more than just 200 plus miles of highway haggling. Most everyone agreed the weekend event was a great way to stimulate local economies.

"Chipley's got some great leaders and forward looking people and they're trying to bring people into Chipley. And this is one good way to do it. Yard sales is something everybody likes" Palmer told us.

And bargain hunters agreed. "I just think it's good for the economy, you know? And good for- if you find what you want, good for you too" Payne said.

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