Flood Causes Chpola River to Dump 5 Feet of Water into a Marianna Man's Yard

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Marianna- Kevin Nelson didn't have a yard, but not all was a wash.

"I've still got a grill, so we'll have people over." He explained, "you can park up there on the concrete and so, somebody who doesn't have boots, we'll back out, put them in the truck pull up there, carry them in or back up to the stairs and let them pop out."

Nelson was prepared for the situation, because Friday was not his first day dealing with a flooded yard. "Grills, vehicles, patio furniture- everything's got to go or it will float off" he said. "It floods about once a year, on average. Three years ago it happened three times in one year. That got a little old" he said.

Nelson built the house in 2006 and said he had seen much deeper water in his days.

"It's only about a foot deep under the house, but the further you go out, like right there, it's about 5 feet deep. If it comes up another 3 or 4 feet that road totally closes and we have to go out through the woods the back way."

But Nelson also knew the water was not as deep as it could one day could be. "The record, I want to say is 27 feet. And that was in, I want to say '98- I believe. But, I'm not sure" he recounted.

But one thing was for sure- Nelson would be wearing waders for a while. "It will crest today and it will stay like this until probably in the morning. Then, it will drop about a foot- foot and a half per day."

He told us the flood levels were not nearly as high as they could have been because the Chipola River was abnormally low due to the drought.

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