Holmes County Flooding Causes School Closures

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Flooding forced Holmes County school officials to send students home early Monday. Principals dismissed class at 10:00, allowing students to get home before flood waters blocked roads and it might be a few days before they can go back to school.

Roads that now look like rivers. Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief Cliff Crews grew up in Holmes County and says he's seen it all before.

"I actually went through 7 floods myself, so these high waters are nothing new to me," said Crews. Schools closing for floods is not the norm and it hasn’t happened since 2009.

“Before we can let anyone pass back over the bridges our crews have to make sure they are safe. Working with the school board, and the national weather service, we decided it would be better to go ahead and close the schools," said Wanda Stafford, Holmes County Emergency Management Director.

Forecasters predict Choctawatchee level's in Caryville cresting at 18.4 feet Thursday. That will tie the 5th highest all time.

"We will have some residents that have to leave their homes."

“It still unnerves me a bit. And the people have to move there stuff out and move back in and clean up the floods."

Even with flood levels imminent, Crews says his community will handle it just fine. "There is not going to be a panic."

Holmes District School officials have closed schools Tuesday and will decide on Wednesday's scheduled depending on the river levels. Washington District School officials have also called off classes for Tuesday.