Florida Becomes the Butt of Jokes

The scene in Tallahassee Friday would have been different, had other key swing states not gone to President Barack Obama.

Florida sparked the ire of the nation for mistakes made in the 2000 presidential election. In 2012… it’s mainly laughs.

“Florida tonight remains too close to call.. Where is the good news you say? The election was decided without them…. Hahahaha yea,” said Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

A day after the election, Jon Stewart took shots at Florida. The jokes continued through Thursday with this re-enactment of ballot counting on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Is this Romney or Obama? What? Romney or Obama? Ramada?

As of noon, Friday Palm Beach County was still counting provisional ballots. The state has unofficially gone to Obama, with his narrow 60-thousand vote lead.

State law requires all counties to report their election results by Saturday. On November 20th, the state canvassing board will meet to certify the results.

Two members of the board, Governor Rick Scott and Secretary of State Ken Detzner are taking heat for lines that kept voters in Miami waiting to vote until nearly 2:00AM.

“We’re going to determine what is the best resolution to eliminating lines,” said Ken Detzner.

Whitney Ray sat down with Detzner Friday. He says their will be changes before Florida votes again. “We will resolve the issues that need to be addressed and address them with the governor and the legislature.”

The main focus will be early voting sites. State law limited the sites to 300 this election, compared to more than 6-thousand on Election Day.

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