F.D.O.T. Wants Input on Potential Overpass at Tyndall

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SPRINGFIELD - Locals got a chance tonight to see the plans for a new overpass at Tyndall Air Force Base.

The state department of transportation hosted the informal public meeting on the U.S. 98 Tyndall Air Force Base flyover.

There were several renderings of the plans at the Springfield Commmunity Center, depicting the project.

The goal is to reduce traffic delays on Highway 98, and allow Tyndall personnel to go from the support side and the flight line side of the base without the need to exit and re-enter security, without stopping for traffic of for traffic lights.

Donna Green, from the Florida Deptartment of Transportation said, "Tonight we're here to present all six alternatives to allow the public to come in and give us their input and to provide comments."

The project is in the initial planning stages. Right now the state does not have funding for the project, or a proposed construction date.