Florida Drivers Can Crank Up the Tunes

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Marianna- Jade Givens and her teammate Khadija Ellison were going to get lunch before their Chipola College women's basketball practice. They got in the car, cranked the engine, then cranked up the tunes.

"I listen to everything from classical music to rock to rap and R&B" Givens said.

And as of Friday, she was legally able to listen to anything- as loud as she wanted.

Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional for police to ticket drivers for pumping up the audio. The news was music to the athletes ears.

"People say riding around town you shouldn't listen to your music so loud because you can't hear ambulances and things like that" Givens said. But there's not that many people around here" she laughed. "I don't think it's a big a deal, I think we're OK. It's not like we're harming anyone."

Marianna local, Anthony Paige disagreed. "I think it's disrespectful to blare your music in town. Especially at red lights, going through town- neighborhoods" he said.

It's a lesson Paige said he learned the hard way. "I have a ticket from back in the day" he said.

News Channel 7 wanted to get a sense of how big of a problem- if any loud music was in Marianna. We walked around downtown and stopped by major intersections. For the most part, all was quiet with the exception of one car listening to music very loudly.

"From time to time we get complaints about loud music and people and kids riding through neighborhoods. But, it hasn't been a real big problem as of lately" Marianna Police Chief, Hayes Baggett said.

And, local law enforcement officials told us their hands were not completely tied. Loud music could still break laws against 'disturbing the peace' in certain areas.

"When you're by yourself in a parking lot, headed somewhere and nobody's around to disrespect, that's fine" Ellison said of when to and not to turn up the stereo. "But, if I was at a church parking lot, I wouldn't be popping my trunk with my system blasting Tupac."

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