Florida Ethics Commission Findings

Florida Ethic Commission, in its recent meeting heard the case of
Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley. He was cleared of allegations that he misused his position to have an employee of the Sheriff's office and the father of another employee perform electrical work at his home and that he gave a misleading statement in a deposition about the issue.

No probable cause also was found to believe that Sheriff Ashley had a conflicting employment or contractual agreement with that Sheriff's Office employee or the father of a Sheriff's Office employee.

The Commission dismissed complaints against the following, finding that the public interest would not be served by further proceedings: Florida Senators Don Gaetz, Anitere Flores and Greg Evers.

The complaints alleged violation of the disclosure laws. However, each Senator was found to be in substantial compliance with the law regarding certain allegations concerning their Form 6 disclosures. Other allegations regarding their forms were dismissed as legally insufficient.