Florida First Lady Ann Scott Visits Panama City

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PANAMA CITY - Florida's First Lady, Ann Scott, is touring the state promoting her literacy program. Today that tour stopped in Panama City.

Scott has been on the road constantly while her husband, Governor Rick Scott, has been in office. Encouraging kids to read is one of her greatest passions.

First Lady Scott was at Camp Helen State Park yesterday to read to a group of young kids for a summer reading program.

Once classes start back, that program will reward the school with the highest summer reading participation.

Scott is also visiting hospitals to give out copies of her journal 'Love. Read. Learn!' which helps parents teach their kids to read as early as possible while keeping track of their child's growth.

Scott said, "It just helps our kids be successful. It gives them a greater chance of being successful in school and in life. If you read to them as early as you can."

From here, First Lady Scott is taking a short break and heading to Naples to visit her grandchildren.

She's planning to read to them a lot--- in between running after them.