Florida Health Connector Informs Public about Affordable Care Act

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PANAMA CITY -- People who have questions, or are confused over Obamacare, had the opportunity to get some answers Tuesday.

Florida Health Connector and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida held a seminar on the Affordable Care Act at Bay Medical Sacred Heart.

Those who attended say it really helped. Of the 60 or so people who attended Tuesday night's Affordable Care Act meeting many said they got the answers they were seeking.

ACA Seminar Attendee Mark Canfora said, "I thought it was very educational."

"For the most part many people were positive about Tuesday night's seminar on the Affordable Care Act. Many say they can't wait to consult with an agent.

The purpose of the presentation is to see who is eligible and who qualifies for subsidies under the new Affordable Care Act.

A representative from Florida Health Connector believes most people in Bay County could benefit from the program.

Larry Deutsch of Florida Health Connector said, "Most people when they do find out, when they can ask questions - and they did ask hard questions-but when they did do that once they get the, they get the real story they start to realize 'hey maybe this isn't so bad'."

Susan Vickery is one of those people who heard the presentation and wants to sign up for one of the healthcare plans.

"They're promising to look up things and get back to people which is always a good thing,” Vickrey said.

Vickery hasn't had insurance for 10 years.

"You take care of your health and you hope that nothing happens that's all you can do,” she said.

After Tuesday nights seminar Vickrey feels relief to know that soon she will be insured again.

Vickrey said, “It's just nice to know that I’ll be able to get it, even if I’m required to get it and that I’ll be able to pay for it."

If you have questions, you can drop by the Florida Health Connector office at Bay Medical Sacred Heart.