Florida House Bans Internet Cafes

The only votes against the ban came from lawmakers concerned about how the bill would affect adult arcades and jobs.

Through loopholes in state law, Internet Cafes have popped up all over Florida. The sweepstakes businesses continued to boom, until this month, when a police investigation shut down 51 cafes statewide. “The co-conspirators exploited veterans to line their own pockets with elicit proceeds.”

Days later state lawmakers resurrected a bill to ban all internet cafes.

Friday debated over the ban erupted on the house Floor. Rep. Dennis Baxley started the debate. “It would be derelict of us not to deal with these.”

Rep. Elaine Schwartz jumped on the other side. “Why jump to making it illegal when the standard is simply to regulate it and tax it.”

Watching all the action is former Representative Scott Plakon who ushered the ban through the House last year. He was recognized by Re3p. Jimmy Patronis of Panama City. “The House of Representatives last year, under the work of Representative Plakon, thank you for being here today, pushed it out.”

Member after member thanked Plakon. “I also want to recognize Representative Scott Plakon for his strong leadership in the past several years.”

There were complaints from Democrats that the ban goes too far, too fast.

Rep. Jim Waldman “What took place as it relates to internet cafes has nothing to do with the Senior arcades.

After the debate, the bill passed with few no votes. “108 yeas, seven nahs Mr. Speaker.”

Now the ban goes to the Senate, where earlier this week internet café owners cried for mercy. One of those was Linda Radssek. “I know there is a fine line between gambling and gaming.” “I have to go to work now and tell my employees, you don’t have a job.”

Her last hope is the Florida Senate.

The bill would be affective on becoming law. Which means if the Senate passes the ban and the governor signs it then all internet cafes would be illegal immediately.

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