Florida Lawmakers Tackle Early Voting Issues

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Senate officials passed HB 7013 at the end of last week which will make changes to the Florida election code. After Florida's voting became the butt of every joke in November, officials have finally taken the bull by the horns to try and fix the problem, but will the bill actually help? Bay County's Supervisor of Election, Mark Andersen, says there are a lot of good things in the bill.

Those changes include the option of additional days for early voting, up to 14, and more facilities for early voting.

"There is an additional piece that says jurisdictionally, I want one early voting site in each county commissioner's district," Andersen said, "[it] still might make the bill, that would put us at 5 early voting sites instead of 4."

While Republicans say the bill is a step in the right direction, Democrats say it doesn't go far enough, but the true test won't come until election season.

The bill is now headed back to the House.