Sugar Daddy Websites May Be Outlawed in Florida

The website Seeking Arrangements has been up since 2006. It claims to have two million members; seventy percent of them in the US, including Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. It says the site is for those seeking mutually beneficial relationships and arrangements. State Senator Darren Soto, has asked the Attorney General to investigate saying that its purpose is to facilitate prostitution.

"You got to call it is what you see. An hour long hotel room date in exchange for four hundred dollars and sexual relations; that's prostitution," said Sen. Darren Soto.

When emailed the company seeking an interview, they would only agree to a live interview so their comments could not be edited. We countered with one question, one answer, unedited.

“Senator Soto says your website facilities prostitution and nothing more, your response?"

"My response is sugar daddy dating is about finding a wealthy boyfriend. It's no different than what the millionaire matchmakers doing and at, we maintain a strict policy that prostitution and even escorts are not allowed," said Brandon Wade with the website.

Off camera, Wade told us shutting down his web site would be like revoking everyone’s driver’s license to stop drunk driving.

The Attorney General responded quickly saying her office will look into the website. The letter was also forwarded to the Department of Law Enforcement.

The Department of Law Enforcement says it did receive the request and will look into the website.

The web site says a modern gentleman is a mentor, sponsor, or benefactor. It defines a Sugar Baby as a student, actress, or model who deserves someone who will pamper you, empower you, and help you mentally, emotionally, and financially.