Florida League of Cities and Panama City Commission Honors Representative Jimmy Patronis

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PANAMA CITY - Jimmy Patronis is in the last few months of his service as the State Representative for District 6.

After eight years he has to step down because of term limits, although he's still receiving recognition for finishing strong.

Panama City Commissioners presented State Representative Jimmy Patronis with an award from the Florida League of Cities Tuesday. The award recognized his work during this past legislative session.

Patronis said, "The city of Panama City is of course very important to me as is all of Bay County and District 6 is. To be able to come down and you know, be acknowledged by the Mayor means a lot. I think the world of Mayor Brudnicki and it's been fantastic working with him over the last four years."

Patronis says his legacy will be stream-lining the environmental permitting process for developers and healthcare reforms. Even though he's had a hand in so many pieces of legislation in the last eight years.

Despite his successes, Patronis says he's ready to step-down.

"You know, this morning, kissing my boys bye, you know waking up this morning with my 3-year old was in bed with me. I know this, when I'm in Tallahassee, my three year old is not in bed with me so those days are precious right now and I'm looking forward to be able to spend more time with the family and more time at the restaurant working and you know, who knows, I'm sure there will be other opportunities to serve in other capacities."

As for the candidates hoping to replace him? Patronis has this advice, "I think what's important is being a good listener. The state of Florida is a huge place and when you propose legislation in Tallahassee, that bill will inoculate all 67 other counties and all other 19 million people in the state. So, whomever the next legislator is gonna be for District 6, they need to get a running start."

Patronis cited a desire to be with his family when he dropped his plans to run for the state Senate in 2016.