Florida Looking Into Ways to Cut Fuel Costs

This is no ordinary school bus.

Sure, it’s yellow and its stop sign lights up, but when it’s time to fill up gasoline is not an option.

Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons is buying buses that run on Compressed Natural Gas. The move is saving taxpayers thousands. “We purchased 44 brand new buses and we are able to make the payment with the savings that we are getting off of the fuel we are buying.”

This natural gas bus is just one of a dozen alternative fuel vehicles traveling the state this month. They are all part of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow. The goal is to show city, county and state governments they have fuel options.

Like this Ford F-150 pickup that runs on propane and this Nissan Leaf powered solely by electricity.

Mike Anderson represents the company that produces this quick charge station which cuts charging time from three hours to 15 minutes. “We’ve got them installed at places like Walgreens, Whole Foods, parking decks at shopping malls.”

Woody Hildebrandt teaches mechanics how to work on alternative fuel motors. “Part of our curriculum now is to teach CNG, propane, green energy batteries, all that is needed for us to put technicians in our local automotive shops.”

As more and more mechanics learn and infrastructure, like quick charge stations, expands, the case for more governments to break from gasoline continues to improve.

The road show lasts through September 27th. It will make a stop in Jacksonville Friday, Tampa on Monday and Orlando next Wednesday.

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