Florida Lt. Gov. Visits Bay County

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PANAMA CITY-- Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera made his first officials visit to Bay County tonight, for an event with the local Republican faithful.

Lopez-Cantera was the guest speaker for the Republican Roundtable dinner at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club.

He served four terms as a member of the State House of Representatives and is Florida's first Hispanic Lt. Governor.

Gov. Rick Scott appointed Lopez-Cantera in January.

Right now he's campaigning for another term for Scott and himself.

"For Florida, this really is one of the most important elections in the history of our state. We've had so much prosperity. We've turned this state around in just four short yeas, quicker than anybody expected," Lopez-Cantera said.

Lopez-Cantera says Bay County's votes in the November election are crucial to the governor's race.

He says he believes Scott has earned a second term.

"This governor has kept his word," Lopez Cantera said. "He said he was going to focus on jobs, and the results don't lie. Numbers matter. We're just asking for four more years of continued progress. We're going to make Florida the number one state in the country to live, work and play."

Lopez-Cantera will visit a local "Paychecks for Patriots" event tomorrow, where job-seeking veterans will meet with potential employers and business owners.