Florida PSC Approves Fuel Cost Recovery for Gulf Power

Florida’s Public Service Commission Monday set Fuel Adjustment Charges beginning in January 2013 for Tampa Electric Company, Gulf Power Company, and Florida Public Utilities Company.

Gulf: The average residential current bill of $116.61 for 1,000 kilowatt hours will increase to $118.39, a change of $1.78 starting in January..

Gulf Power’s recovery amounts include: fuel and purchased power $38.32, capacity $4.67, conservation $2.26, environmental $12.53, and Gross Receipts Tax $2.96.

Florida Public Utilities, with most of its customers in Marianna/Jackson County, was given a rate increase of 70 cents.

Electric utilities may recover certain expenses from customers through cost recovery charges adjusted annually by the PSC. Cost recovery is allowed on fuel and purchased power, capacity (including nuclear), conservation, and environmental requirements. Utilities may not, however, earn a profit on fuel charges.

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