Florida Smart Justice Alliance

Legislation is in the works to keep former felons out of jail.

Tuesday at the state capitol, lawmakers joined the Florida Smart Justice Alliance to discuss ways to reduce the recidivism rate.

Right now about a third of every inmate released from prison will committee a new crime.

State Senator Thad Altman says to cut the rate of re-offenders changes need to be made.

“It’s no secret that our criminal justice system is pretty much a revolving door. Something has to be done. I believe this is a giant step forward. We are beginning the step of creating a correctional reentry treatment facility,” said Sen. Altman.

Using empty state prisons to teach inmates job and life skills during the last three years of their sentences is just one idea being put in to legislation.

Other ideas include issuing state IDs to people leaving prison and to enhancing the state’s work release program.