Florida Unemployment System Update

For just over three months, unemployed Floridians have had to overcome one obstacle after another to receive unemployment benefits after the state installed a new computer system. The US Department of Labor is allowing the state to pay disputed unemployment claims delayed longer a week.

After months of problems with the state’s new 63-million dollar unemployment system, the federal government is allowing disputed claims for unemployed Floridians will get paid.

Jessica Sims is a spokes person for the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. “We are moving forward with paying claimants whose continued claims have been in adjudication for longer than seven days per the authorization of the United States Department of Labor and this will expedite payments to those individuals who may have experienced issues in the new system and they’ll go ahead and receive payment for their claims.”

The U.S. Department of Labor has been working with the state since the new computer went live in October. After a recent investigation, the feds discovered that people who were eligible for benefits were being flagged in the new system. Governor Rick Scott says the state will continue to work on the problem. “I want to make sure that anybody has who has to rely on unemployment benefits, gets their benefits.”>

Sixty thousand claims were flagged. One concern is some Floridians will get a check they don’t deserve.

“Should an individual later be found to be ineligible for benefits, they will be responsible for reimbursing the state.”

The U.S. Department of Labor will continue to technically assist Florida until the issue is resolved.

Deloitte continues to be fined 15-thousand dollars a day until the issues are fixed with the system.

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