Florida Voters' Guide to Proposed Constitutional Amendments Released

The Journal of the James Madison Institute analyzes 11 ballot amendments in a special edition.

As a service to Florida voters, The James Madison Institute has released a special edition of The Journal of The James Madison Institute that introduces and analyzes the 11 constitutional amendments on the 2012 ballot sent to voters by the Florida Legislature.

For each amendment, the special edition journal includes the specific language used on the ballot, a breakdown of each amendment and a pro/con analysis. Out of the 11 amendments, JMI provides recommendations on six of the amendments.

Additionally, the journal includes an article on the merit retention vote on three justices of the Florida Supreme Court. As outlined in the state Constitution, merit retention is a process whereby voters periodically evaluate the state’s appeals court judges, who are initially appointed by the Governor, during general elections.

Click on the link below for the full version of the Journal Special Edition 2012 Voter’ Guide.