Florida to Legalize Low THC Medical Marijuana

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Low grade medical marijuana will soon be legal in Florida. Lawmakers waited until the final day of their session to send the bill legalizing low THC cannabis for the treatment of seizures, muscle spasms, and cancer. The legislation took a strange turn in the end.

Eleven-year-old RayAnn Moseley is the face of medical marijuana in Florida. She faces hundreds of seizures and her parents have been on the front line fighting to use a new, low grade marijuana in oil form.

"We've got to see first-hand, the success that that plant is having for these children and so we're this close to getting it for RayAnn and the other children in Florida," says Holly Moseley

15-year-old Daniel Dillard is in the same boat. His mother says he has more than 300 seizures a year. They don’t know if the new pot strain will help, but His mother Kim Dillard says they are hopeful. "So hopeful, you know it's no guarantee, but if it helps even half of his seizures per year, that's tremendous for him."

Sponsor, Senator Bob Bradley of Orange Park is a former prosecutor. He's as surprised as anyone he sponsored the bill. "It's all about these folks and it's all about getting them, these families, the choices that they need."

There is one quirk in the legislation, the marijuana can only be grown by a nursery that's been in business 30 years.

The 30 year provision nearly scuttled the bill as South Florida Senators tried to get rid of it. Sen. Jeff Clemons says "Not sure that we did that in any other segment of the business society"

They failed and the legislation cleared easily. It's now on its way to the Governor.

Governor Rick Scott has said he will sign the medical marijuana bill. It becomes effective July first.

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